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The story of Jalo Helsinki

Our Mission

Jalo Helsinki's mission is to save lives.

We make life safer through beautifully
designed fire safety products that
people desire to include in their everyday life.

Our Vision

Is zero fire casualties at home.

We work hard to get Jalo Helsinki internationally
recognised as a leading brand for promoting that.


Quotes from the team

Jarkko Epäilys, CEO

“Making technology beautiful and desirable makes us unique. I wish to develop safety items that you desire to include in your everyday life”

Mikko Järvenpää, CCO

“It is said that that for every 10.000 smoke alarms one life is saved. I am proud to work for company that has already saved 50 lives!. Doing that beautifully feels even better.”

Explore the new standard of safety

Quality Construction

We care deeply about the quality of our products.
Our team of engineers and experts are
striving for exceptional performance and quality.
Our products are proudly built from the finest materials
and components with highest quality standards.
The solid safety is a combination of fine design
and latest technology.

Our Founders

All started by looking up to the ceiling and we
saw a common household product that everyone
has forgotten. A smoke alarm. Product that hasn't
changed at all throughout the history of smoke
alarms. We immediately loved the idea of getting
people to love their smoke alarms again. For that
mission we need to re-think the concept of the
smoke alarm. That's what we did, we revolutionised
the smoke alarm.

- Olli Nuutila & Mikko Järvenpää

Smoke alarms fire blankets fire extinguishers interconnect radio link wireless mains operated testing placement requirements

Jalo Helsinki Storyline


Jalo Helsinki Founded

Jalo Helsinki Founded

Jalo Helsinki was founded in Spring 2009 literally in the Garage. The first office was located in the industry hall called Aalto Venture Garage.


First concepts ready

First concepts ready

Immediately after we started working out the technology behind the first products, smoke alarms, we engaged into partnerships with the best designers from Finland to make the first concepts ready.


Certification process

Certification process

After 2 years of persistent product development, we got the first smoke alarms into the certification and testing process in UK. Tests were performed by BRE Global.


Official launch in Finland

Woman holding green Kupu smoke alarm by Jalo Helsinki

The long certification process was ready and we launched the first smoke alarms into the market in Finland. We received immediately a wide recognition from the press.


Success in B2B and Gifting market

Holding a fire blanket Adventure. See the smoke alarm reguirements. Interconnect smoke alarms. Smoke alarm testing, battery, safety, screwfix, linked, chirping

The first operating year 2012 was a success by all metrics. Jalo smoke alarms were flying to thousands of homes across Finland. One remarkable channel was outperforming others, the Gifting & B2B market, as companies and individuals were showing love to others by giving Jalo products as presents.


International Tradeshows

International Tradeshows

Jalo Helsinki made a breakthrough into European markets through the trade shows like Maison & Objet in Paris and Ambiente in Frankfurt. During the show guys behind Jalo managed to make deals into a dozen countries across the Europe.


Numerous Design Awards

press media taking photos kupu smoke alarm lento smoke alarm

The investment into the quality of the design and product development started to pay off as Jalo Helsinki received numerous design awards internationally.


Launch of Fire Blankets

fireblanket-sammutuspeite-couverture anti-feu-on-the-wall

With the help of great success in Europe, Jalo Helsinki launched a series of Fire Blankets designed by the most famous designers from Finland, including the famous Tom Of Finland character.


Launch of world’s first kitchen fire extinguisher

Phoenix kitchen fire extinguisher Black

After developing the concept of Phoenix for a year, Jalo Helsinki launched the first kitchen extinguisher to the market. After launch it became immediately a popular safety device for kitchens across the Finland.


New 10-year battery smoke alarms available

Jalo Helsinki designer smoke alarm Kupu 10 dark grey

The long-awaited 10 year battery models were ready to be launched in Autum 2017. After developing the new technology with preciseness and perseverance, the Kupu and Lento got fresh components inside them.