Cooking fire safety

5 steps to ensure your fire safety while cooking

33% of all household fires start from kitchen. For example when cooking oil is heated and forgotten for several minutes, it can reach 400 celcius degrees. This can easily make severe damage to skin when leaked. Biggest treat however is when cooking oil catches up in flames. 

Tips for better fire safety in kitchen

1. When fire occurs in kitchen, do not panic. Panic often causes the situation go even worse. There is enough time to react on fire without hassling. When we panic, we often do not think rationally, which can lead for example throwing water into a flaming pan. Do not do that, it can blow the kitchen off, like in this video i found from a famous TV show running on Norwegian broadcast channel.

2. When fire occurs, turn all electrical devices off and take the pan off from the desk. Or if for example the baking paper catches up in flames in oven, normally it won't do harm if you keep it in the oven. Let it burn there. Just turn the oven off.

3. However, sometimes the fire can be too big to be taken care with easy ways. Make sure that you always have the fire blanket and kitchen fire extinguisher on sight. They should be kept near when the accident happens. Follow the instructions on the fire blanket and extinguish the fire it. If you have extinguisher, gently extinguish the fire by spraying the extinguishing agent to the bottom of the flames.

4. Call emergency number if the fire still goes on, or if you suspect that there is a risk that the flames would come back soon.


Olli Nuutila