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Jalo Smoke Alarms

Original Smoke Alarms by Jalo Helsinki are true classics of Scandinavian design. Kupu and Lento have conquered the world since 2012.

Original Kupu -
Smoke Alarm

by Harri Koskinen

Kupu Smoke Alarm is sleek, composed and organic. The textile lining gives it a warm appearance.

With Kupu you can complete your interior design in style or have it as an eye-catching safety detail on the ceiling.    

Kupu is available in five fabric cover colours.
Also Chrome coated version is available.

Original Lento - 
Smoke Alarm

by Paola Suhonen

Lento is figurative, playful and wild. Lento represents the change that Jalo wants to bring to Smoke Alarms.

The figurative and playful design is perfect for children’s room or as a spicy detail for home interior.

Lento Original is available in five different colors.


5 years lithium batteries included
Fast installation with an 3M adhesive tape
Includes the mounting screws
The entire surface functions as a test button


Widely recognised & awarded
Scandinavian design

Jalo Helsinki smoke alarms have won numerous awards and are widely recognised world wide.

Jalo Helsinki design awards


Fast installation with 3M installation tape

No need for additional tools

Easy installation within a minute. Remove the protective tape, press the Smoke Alarm to the ceiling and you are ready.

Also includes mounting screws

If the Smoke Alarm is not possible to install with the the installation tape, there is also mounting screws in the package.

Technical features

Jalo Original Smoke alarm uses the most common and used technique that is used in smoke alarms. 

The device operates so that when the smoke is present, device will release a loud and continuous warning siren to alert residents.

The Smoke alarm is equipped with a self diagnostic and checking feature to ensure correct operation through its service life. The system will take care that the Smoke alarm works without problems for the recommended period.

» Photoelectric Smoke alarm
» 5 year  Lithium batteries
» Fast installation with 3M double sided tape or with mounting screws
» Entire surface functions as a test button
» Silent function
» Loud 85 dB warning signal
» 5 year warranty
» Tested and certified in EU
» Awarded design
» Lento size: 185 mm — 175 mm — 48 mm
» Kupu koko: 110 mm — 110 mm — 41 mm


Lento pink smoke alarm top
Kupu Smoke alarm Brown color
Kupu Green smoke alarm Harri Koskinen