Fire Extinguisher – Phoenix – Black

Fire Extinguisher – Phoenix – Black


Phoenix is the world´s first design extinguisher meant especially for kitchen. A beautiful extinguisher that is kept near and on display is quick to reach in case of emergency where mere seconds count. The distinctive bird design by Oiva Toikka makes Phoenix a truly essential part of the home interior.

Phoenix has several benefits compared to regular and traditional extinguishers

– It is very effective on kitchen fires as it has been specifically designed to extinguish cooking fat fires, which are the most common fires in the kitchen

– Given its design and concept, Phoenix effectively improves fire safety in households while it is kept close by and visible for the unexpected event that an extinguisher is ever needed. This significantly shortens the reaction time between noticing the fire and the start of of extinguishing.

– Fire extinguishing agent is non-poisonous and it can be washed away with regular household cleaning methods. Some of the traditional extinguisher agents are poisonous and require a complete renovation of the kitchen if used.

– It is maintenance free, i.e. no annual check- up by professionals is needed.

– Phoenix can be stored and transported with no risks, as it is not a pressurised product like traditional extinguishers. There is no risk of explosion due to transportation, shaking, changes of air pressure or high temperature.

– When used, Phoenix delivers the extinguishing agent out at a constant pressure from the beginning until the container is empty.

– Phoenix is light and it can be used in any position- even upside down.

– Phoenix can be transported in an airplane – changes in temperature and air pressure have no adverse effect.