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Kupu Green smoke alarm on ceiling


Kupu 10 is the same beautiful, yet technically upgraded Kupu smoke alarm with no battery changes ever needed. The non-replaceable 10-year Lithium battery runs for the whole lifetime of 10 years. Kupu 10 is available in five fabric covers, now also in white. Other colour options being Dark Grey, Yellow, Turquoise, and Light Brown. Also Chrome version is available. With Kupu 10 you can complete your interior design in style or have it as an eye-catching safety detail on the ceiling.    

10-year Lithium battery installed

Fast installation with 3M double sided tape

Includes also mounting screws

Automatic power activation upon installation

Entire surface functions as a test button.

Tested and certified in EU

5 year guarantee

Note: Kupu 10 may not be installed on to the old Kupu mounting plate


Jalo Helsinki smoke alarm 10 fire safety
Jalo Helsinki 10 smoke alarm fire safety
Smoke alarm 10 yellow Fire safety
Jalo Helsinki Smoke alarm kupu brown Finnish design
Jalo Helsinki chrome smoke alarm 10 fire safety
10 year smoke alarm White Jalo Helsinki fire safety


Kupu Smoke Alarm is sleek, composed and organic. The textile lining gives it a warm appearance. The smoke alarm also comes in a chrome-plated option.

5 years lithium batteries included and 5 years warranty.

Fast installation with an 3M adhesive tape.

Includes the mounting screws.

The entire surface functions as a test button.

CE & LPCB certified by BRE

Light grey kupu Smoke alarm Jalo Helsinki top
Kupu Grey Smoke alarm top Jalo Helsinki Harri Koskinen
Kupu Pink Smoke alarm top Jalo Helsinki Harri Koskinen
Kupu Green smoke alarm top Jalo Helsinki
Kupu Brown smoke alarm top
Kupu Chrome smoke alarm top Jalo Helsinki


Kupu by Harri Koskinen is a battery powered smoke alarm intended for domestic use. Contrary to the other smoke alarms the entire front surface functions as a test button. An additional 3M adhesive tape is provided for easy and fast installation. Fast installation will take approximately 30 seconds.

Kupu Smoke alarm utilises photoelectric detection technology to sense smoke from different types of fires. Unit’s photoelectric (optical) detection method works by sensing infrared rays scattered by visible smoke particles. The smoke alarm is equipped with a self diagnostic and checking feature to ensure correct operation through its service life. The device operates so that when the smoke is present, device will release a loud and continuous warning siren to alert residents.
Jalo Helsinki Smoke alarms are tested and certified by BRE UK.


Kupu Brown on hand
Installing Kupu Green smoke alarm
Green Kupu Smoke alarm perspective
Chrome Kupu Smoke alarm perspective
Pink Kupu Smoke alarm by Harri Koskinen
Kupu Green smoke alarm Harri Koskinen