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Award winning design

At Jalo Helsinki we always strive for superior design. We are happy and proud to say our products have been awarded several times both nationally and internationally.

Design awards Jalo Helsinki for optical smoke alarms, fire blankets, carbon monoxide alarms, mains operated alarms, interconnect wireless alarms, battery alarms, interlinked alarms, ionization alarms

Designed to save lives. Designed by Jalo Helsinki

We make life safer through design, by making beautiful fire safety products that people want to include in their everyday.

According to statistics, there will be a saved life for every 10 000 smoke alarms sold. This means Jalo Helsinki Smoke Alarms have saved dozens and dozens of lives! We at Jalo Helsinki aim to make a difference and contribute to the number of saved lives through inspirational fire safety products.

A safe with smoke alarms. Goes off no smoke, smoke alarms save lives, see the placement. Optical smoke alarms, linked interconnect, wireless smoke alarms, mains powered, homebase, beeping, carbon alarms, co alarm, radio link, mains operated